Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sick and Christmas Parties

 The week after our Valley Mills visit, I got very sick. I woke up that Monday morning with what I thought was a stomach bug, but I'm pretty sure it was just food poisoning because it only lasted half a day (unlike the week-long, fever, stomach bug going around right now!). But I didnt leave my bed Monday. So David had to take the girls to Rylie's girl scout meeting that I'd worked so hard to plan and couldn't help lead.

Tuesday I was sick with sinus crud and stayed in bed again. Remy was still catching up on sleep so she stayed home from school and we all stayed home that night so she missed her first Christmas performance at her school that night. 

Wednesday I finally got out of bed but stayed home in pj's taking it easy. So David took Remy to gymnastics! He snapped a few pictures on his phone.

And that afternoon he took Rylie to her dance class and pizza party they had! They also did a cute sock exchange. David only got one picture of the pizza part.

Thursday I was feeling a lot better! David and I took Remy to school and went to her class party.

Video of her singing in chapel and then seeing me.

So happy Mommy and Daddy came!

I was trying to video her singing but she wouldn't do it, but I caught her expression seeing Daddy there and it's so cute!

Party time!

Her expression cracks me up!


Decorating her Christmas hat


 Thursday night Rylie's school had a "Dinner with Santa." I really wanted to get Santa pictures with the girls at their cheap prices and avoid the mall so we loaded up to go.

And got some pretty cute pictures!

Remy wasnt loving it for awhile.

Then she calmed down and we got some good ones!

They had a little play at the school too that Rylie really wanted to stay and watch.

Friday was Rylie's school party!

Making her picture frame

Whole class

Finishing her frame

Pizza time!

Decorating her cookie

Rylie and her teacher with her finished cookie

Present for her teacher!

I gave all Remy's teacher's and Rylie's teacher some goodies to enjoy at home during the break-Redbox giftcard, popcorn, hot cocoa, and candy canes. So they'd have a "picture-perfect holiday!"

Another long week we made it through!

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