Sunday, December 29, 2013

Scooter and American Girl

The day after Christmas I woke up not feeling well :-/ My mom still didnt feel 100% either and Remy was tired but her fever was gone. I'd promised Rylie we could go to American Girl store so she could use her giftcards today but we all had to rest first!

David took Rylie out to practice her scooter

She's been wanting one for years and kept trying out the neighbors' so we figured she could use one of her own!

Her friend Jaiden came out with his too and helped teach her how to ride it. (Yes, Rylie needs a helmet and put hers on right after I took pictures)

Finally that evening me, my mom, Rylie and Remy headed to American Girl!

Rylie looks tiny in front of the store!

We had to take her before Dec 31 so she could see the Saige set up. She was the "Doll of the Year" for 2013 and after Dec 31, they no longer have her display or any of her items in store.

The girls loaded up with their giftcards, that's for sure! We had dinner at Cheesecake Factory too. Just wish we'd all felt 100%. We were all just tired and didnt have energy and it was so cold that night, but I'd promised Rylie so I didnt want to back out on that. I made sure they both used up their giftcards so we wouldn't have to go back anytime soon! lol

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