Monday, December 2, 2013

Elf On The Shelf Breakfast....Dina's Back!

The night of Thanksgiving, someone arrived back at our house with a huge surprise for the girls!

Our Elf, Dina!! And she set up a whole breakfast/craft table!

(I've always wanted to do this Elf on the Shelf breakfast for the girls. There's tons of ideas on Pinterest for it! I just bought things we'd normally buy anyways so it's not an additional cost to do it!)

Oh Dina, if you knew how much Rylie's been anticipating your arrival this year ;-)

Rylie was so excited by it all! It took her awhile to find Dina too (I moved her to the kitchen window after taking pictures).

Remy, on the other hand, didnt notice a thing on the table but got excited by the "circles" on the tablecloth! At least we now know she's got another shape down good!

They both liked their headbands Dina brought!

And Remy, a new donut lover, loves the Veggie Tales nativity scene that used to be Rylie's.

We spent the morning setting up Christmas decor, watching the Elf on the Shelf dvd Dina brought them and doing some colors/crafts Dina brought as well!

Rylie and I decorated the Gingerbread House Dina brought while Remy napped. I forgot to take a finishing photo!!

It was a fun, family morning to kickoff Christmas! Thanks Dina! ;-)

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