Thursday, December 19, 2013

Crazy Christmas Week! Tea, Gymnastics, Cookie Party, and MOPS

I've just joined the living again today after being sick Sunday through Tuesday! I took it easy yesterday and jumped back into things today. So I'm going to catch up on last week!
Last week was a whirlwind of crazy! It was a fun crazy though. Just a ton of stuff going on at once!

Monday morning I had to setup for the Christmas tea.

This was our MOPS table I co-hosted.

The other hosts and myself

My neighbors who always attend as well (bad picture of me! why do I look twice as big as the picture above it?)

Tuesday I woke up not feeling well so I couldn't help put MOPS gifts together but I had a mandatory Girl Scout meeting that night because we're about to start selling cookies!!!

Wednesday I felt better and took Remy to her gymnastics. They had a cute Christmas-themed class! They ran and gathered snowballs.

Did donkey kicks over snowflakes.

Forward rolls down the hills.

Jumped over tinsle.

Backwards roll and landed on her feet!

Touched Santa's beard

Did pushups over Santa

Hung on a candy cane (ok I added the candy cane part on that one)

She could do this all day!

Walked in a winter wonderland

More hanging!

Added an ornament to the tree

Her favorite-a star!

Waiting patiently for stamps

Stamped and time to go!

Thursday Remy had pajama day at school!

She was the CUTEST thing! She wanted to wear something else and was throwing a fit because we said no. Then David dressed her in the pajamas (that Rylie has an identical pair of) and she walked out beaming and said "I wear Rylie shirt." She thought she was big stuff and was getting to wear Rylie's clothes to school!

She loves this Veggie Tale nativity set that was Rylie's. We have her trained now which one is "baby Jesus."

I had to run around a TON Thursday and one stop was returning these extra huge ornaments I had. Couldn't resist one "Cindy Lou Who" picture of Remy holding it first!

Thursday night we attended a neighbor's cookie decorating party!

Remy and Rhys giving sweet hugs

Rylie and Carey. She just loves Carey!

Remy going to town on hers!

She mostly wanted to just eat the cookies!

Daddy stayed with her to make sure she didnt eat anymore

I helped Rylie with her cookies

The kids all had a blast

Helping Daddy with his cookie

Working on her fancy star


I deocrated 1 bell cookie

Our finished tray of cookies at the end!

Friday morning I had no voice (most likely from yelling over the kids at the cookie party the night before). It was my last MOPS of the year and we did a fun ice breaker game where you put a paper plate on top of your head and draw out the instructions you're given. Closest picture to being accurate won.

We also did our ornament exchange and I got this ADORABLE snowglobe snowman! Love it!

This is my table I'm a leader of this year. Not pictured is Melinda and her newborn Emily because they're in Disneyland before getting transferred to Tokyo! :( But we were known as the "baby" table!

Entire group of MOPS who attended Friday. Love this group!
That night we had a MOPS leadership Christmas party. I brought a veggie tray. It's supposed to be a "Christmas tree in snow" HA!
It was also an "ugly sweater" party! Hehe!
We had a busy weekend out of town and it's been busy this week too even with me being sick in bed most of it. I'll get more caught up again soon!

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