Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas In Our Home

I'm finally getting caught up with Christmas on the blog. It's been busy in our home lately and several of us were sick for awhile. So we're getting back to normal now!

Here are some Christmas decor pictures in our house. I havent taken new pictures of it in awhile and several things changed.

Added garland inside the entryway!

Dining room table and tree

I redid David's wreaths this year with deco mesh

Christmas cards! By the time we took them down, the door on the right was full too!

Foyer table

Living room!

Family ornament this year

After Santa visited

Remy's goodies

Rylie's goodies

Good morning girls! Remy woke up with a fever Christmas morning :(

Rylie ran to see what she got and Remy just stopped and fell down crying.

We let Rylie go ahead with her things

Opening her stocking first!

Ballerina ornament!

Remy did this and watched Rylie open her gifts

Checking out the telescope Santa brought!

Other Santa goodies

Opening gifts

Ornament Grandma made with her name on it!

And Grandma got her the Michel Mercier hairbrush she wanted so bad!

So excited!! (BTW, it's the BEST hairbrush ever! Seriously doesnt hurt to brush even the worst of tangles and doesnt pull her hair out either!)

So Rylie had finished opening her gifts and I asked her if she got everything she'd wanted. She said, "I didnt get American Girl. There's gotta be another present around here somewhere." She was just so convinced Santa was bringing her "Saige" American Girl doll. So David asked me to "plug in the video camera charger" behind the chair and I "found" a big box hidden!

She was so excited! She just knew what it was!


It's what she wanted more than anything :)

We tried cheering Remy up with her Caillou doll Santa brought her

Grandma opening the family pictures calendar we had made for her

I finally got my pink tool set! So excited!

This was cute. Rylie wrapped one of her old dolls all by herself (first present she's ever wrapped alone) and said she wanted me to have it now. It was so cute.

David had been asking for a cast iron skillet so my mom got him a tiny one as a joke!

Then he opened the real deal!

We looked over and Remy had conked out :(

Brushing Saige's hair

Remy woke up and we got her to open a few of her gifts

Caillou toys with Rosie!

Caillou DVD's too! She didnt want to open anymore and we had to get ready for Christmas with Mimi and Gaga next!

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