Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Eve

I took Rylie to our church's children service Christmas Eve. They sang on stage and acted out the nativity. Rylie loved playing the part of Mary.

That night our family, along with my mom and Mimi and Gaga went to the traditional service. (Oh yeah, I cut my hair the day before. I donated 10 inches to Locks of Love and she trimmed another 2 inches or so. Wish I'd done this sooner! I love it and how easy it is now!)

After church we all came home and had dinner. When we walked out from the dining room after eating, our elf Dina had moved to the coffee table with a note from Santa!

The girls were so excited!

Reading the note

So ecstatic to get to touch and hug Dina!

Rylie, our little super reader, did so great reading the entire letter without help!

Last year she couldn't read any of it by herself.

Loves her elf!

Remy really got into Dina this year and loved getting to hug her too!

Dina and the girls!

Then David read "The Night Before Christmas" Remy hadnt been feeling well that entire day.

Getting Santa's goodies ready!

I dont remember why Remy was screaming and crying here but it's funny to me lol

Remy wasnt into a pj's by the tree picture either

Saying good night to Dina and good bye til next year!

Rylie's teacher gave her "Grinch dust" to sprinkle out to keep the Grinch from coming and stealing our Christmas. We didnt make reindeer food this year. Anyone else ever feel like there's just too many things to do on Christmas Eve in the short time before bed??

Finally the girls were down and Santa could arrive!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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