Friday, November 22, 2013

Thanksgiving at Gymnastics

I haven't taken photos of Remy in gymnastics in awhile so I was determined to get some Wednesday at her cute Thanksgiving class!
They warmed up with a cute game-moving the balloons with their sticks to hit the turkeys

Then they moved to 1st rotation. Remy started with walking the beam with pumpkin bean-bag on her head. She loved the beam and walked it about 5 times.

Trying to log roll with the turkey

Lifting pumpkin weights. It's actually a pretty heavy ball she's holding! Working those arm muscles!

Kicking the "turkey leg"

Then in 2nd rotation-backwards roll. Her hands are in the perfect spot!

Hopping over turkeys!

She was supposed to hop from pumpkin to pumpkin on the trampoline but she just ran across them. She LOVES running on the trampoline!

Then it was free time! She ran to the foam pit and jumped in!

Having fun!

Coming to get Mommy!

Then she climbed the ladder a few times

Arm muscles!!

Then we did the rings. She looks terrified here but I promise she wasn't! She was saying "Mommy hold you." Then she asked to do them again but it was time to go!

Waiting for stickers!
She's doing so good in her class and loves coming. I'm pretty sure she just wants to roam free in the gym all day but she's doing good learning and remembering techniques and listening better. We're on break now for 2 weeks!

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