Thursday, November 21, 2013

Rylie's Thanksgiving Feast

Rylie's school had a little feast for parents to eat with their kids Tuesday. So of course I went!
My little Thanksgiving Indian

This is a horrible photo of me slouching down but it's the only picture of me and my girl

Cafeteria full!

And the other side

Rylie was cracking me up. She was so excited about being a "buyer" for the 1st time! She picked up her milk and said in an ecstatic voice "I got my milk!!!"

Got her tray! She was beaming so big to experience being a buyer. It's the little things with her!

Rylie and her teacher

Our tray. What do you expect? Public schools have no money lol

This cracked me up. Cranberry Sauce packets.

Rylie enjoyed her lunch and I ate most of mine too. It was fun getting to do this special feast with her and "being a buyer."

We picked up her backpack and I took some pictures of her with her Fall artwork on display

Last week she got a take-home project. I've been seeing friends' kids doing this "Disguise a Turkey" for years and always hoped Rylie would one day. Friday she brought it home and we did it over the weekend. Can you tell what it is??

Rylie picked it of course!

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