Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Rylie Update: 6 years old

Ok, now Rylie's updates on our big 6 year old!

*Wears 5/6 clothes. Such a boney thing. Size 11 shoes.
*Very independent when picking out clothes to wear in the morning and doing her own hair. I only intervene if it's really crazy, not safe, or not appropriate. If she has confidence wearing mix matched clothes though and a messy pony, by all means. That confidence wont last forever, so I'm gonna treasure it now.

*Loves her baby sister so much. If Remy's still napping when she comes home from school (which is everyday usually) she'll say "I really wanna play with Remy" really sad.
*Not been a big eater lately. Like it's a huge fight to make her eat something for breakfast. I dont feel too bad if she doesnt eat because their lunch is at 1015 and they only have a small, 5 min snack at 1pm so I always have a healthy, filling snack for her after school too. She'll usually want to snack all afternoon and I have to tell her no, yet she's a fight to eat her dinner. She wants the same lunch everyday-peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, fruit or baby bel cheese, cucumbers with ranch.
*Lost her 7th tooth on Oct 24. Before going to bed that night she was picking up her room and David said she needed to get in bed. She said "But I'm cleaning up my room for the tooth fairy because she's going to be a guest in my room tonight."
*Kindergarten's been an adjustment. Her teacher's pretty strict with behavior and there's a group of kids that's been a big distraction and influence on Rylie and she's gotten into trouble some. I think we're really finally getting adjusted in a good way now and hopefully we'll have better days now. She got a wonderful first report card and I had a good first teacher conference!

*Mostly loves coloring, Wizard of Oz, Smurfs, Caillou, Judy Moody, and Barbie things.
*Just started with the interest in American Girl. She saw the Saige movie and the catalogue came in the mail (Lord, help us). We recently found the McKenna DVD too. They're really cute, good movies!
*Still a drama queen and everythings just such a hard life lol
*Sweet at praying for everyone she knows at bedtime and remembers who's sick and includes them
*Doing great with reading! She reads everything now!

That's all I can think of right now!

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