Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Remy Update: 2 years 2 months old

I figured it's about time to do another updated on Remster since so much has changed just since she turned 2! So here goes!

*Completely feeding herself. And wont let anyone help her. Also not in a highchair anymore! We got Rylie a new booster for the table (since our table's so tall, she still needs one) and Remy's using Rylie's old one (the buckles are better at keeping her in)
*Says "yook!" when she's excited and wanting to point something out to us. Right now it's "yook pumpkin!"
*Answers us "ok, mommy. ok, daddy" when she hears us telling her (or rylie) any instructions.
*Doing great at bedtime and naps still.
*Not eating as much as usual lately. I think 2 year molars have affected her appetite. She had a rough week or 2 this past month where she was just fussy and wouldn't eat.
*A lot more clingy lately! Will actually sit and snuggle with me and say "Hold you!" or pat next to her and say "mommy seat" or "I sit wif mommy"
*Loves Caillou! Only thing she wants to watch lately. Sometimes I just have to put on Mickey Mouse. I'm so sick of Caillou lol
*Loves going to school! I ask her what she does at school and she says "I pway, I sing, I dance, change diaper, wash hands, good nap"
*Loves to go bye bye.
*Still a climber and a stinker who loves to get into things! She's learned to pull the little pink chairs at the girls' little table in the living room around the house to stand on and reach things like light switches and the kitchen sink. She also started this past week being able to unlock and open the back door! New door locks for that will be bought and installed SOON! Also, she can climb up onto the counter in the kitchen without standing on anything for help! She likes playing in the kitchen sink.
*Says "goo morning" when she wakes up. "Goo morning Ry-yee, Goo morning mommy!"
*Can say ABC's completely (a few letters are jumbled)
*Counts to eleven
*Almost sings Happy Birthday completely (they sing this almost every school day for any kids who have a birthday)
*Loves to color when we let her. She'll get her face down real close and hold the pencil at the very bottom of it and take it so seriously.
*If she sees a bug she'll say "ooo yuck! a bug! yook!" then kneel down real close and just watch it. It's sometimes hard getting her from our house to the detached garage and into the car if there's an ant outside lol
*Points out every airplane she hears/sees. Same for loud trucks.
*Loves suckers! You can probably bribe her to do anything with a sucker. Thankfully there's organic ones lol
*Says "dats cute" when we're shopping
*Loves babies and looking at them and smiling at them
*Everyone across the street is "Raegan" (Rylie's bff) She doesnt say she wants to play with Lauren (Yor-yen as she calls her). Everyone at that house is "Raegan and Raegan home."
*Tells us when she's gone potty and needs a new diaper (sometimes tries to lay down and change it herself lol) Still says "I go potty" but never actually does on the potty. We're planning to wait until the spring to tackle all that.
*Scared of heavy rain and thunder. Very clingy to Mommy when it's rainy outside!
*Loves playing outside (when it's not raining) and is a stinker who doesn't listen and likes to take off running or going into the street. Thankfully we live in a cul-de-sac and I get a workout staying right on her trail!
*Knows almost all her colors-pink, orange, red, blue, green, black, white. Hasn't learned brown, gray, and never says yellow. Sometimes knows purple.
*Only shape she knows is star right now. But she knows what pumpkins are lol

I think that's about it! Hope I didn't forget anything!

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