Monday, November 25, 2013

Official Daisy!

Thursday evening Rylie became an "official" Girl Scout Daisy with an Investiture Ceremony! If you're unfamiliar with Girl Scouts (as I really am....learning as I go here people!), typically on the 3rd meeting with the girls, you have what's called an investiture ceremony where the girls receive their Daisy pins and recite the promise by memory and get their first piece of the Daisy flower-the promise circle.

We also included the WAGGGS pin in our investiture instead of waiting until February. But we didnt want to just hand it to them or have them put it on without knowing what WAGGGS is, so we did this little activity and talked to them about what it means.

Then our "ceremony" started.....very casual! Pledge of Allegiance first then each girl stood up and said the Promise by memory.

Shook hands with a leader

And got her pins!

Officially a Daisy now!

Cutest Daisies!

Now we get to start earning the real stuff!

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