Monday, November 4, 2013

Hallow-rain 2013

Well I'm finally getting a moment to upload our Halloween photos from last Thursday! We had a very RAINY Halloween. It poured for 2 whole days straight. Now I love rain more than the next guy, but this rain was coming from all over. It was SO windy and we had to be out in it a lot on Thursday!
First up was Remy's costume parade at her preschool after dropoff.
She wore the witch costume again since it was easier for her to move around in.

She walked right in front of me and didn't even know I was there! She was in the daze with her sucker!

Bye, Remy!

I stayed and snuck some photos during their chapel.


Uh-oh she spotted me!

Then I rushed over to Rylie's school to take pictures of her classmates. I'm her "class photographer" and her teacher asked if I could take pictures of their "pumpkin patch."

And since Rylie had early release, she left with me a little early after taking pictures and we rushed back to Remy's preschool for her Halloween party! Remy was happy to see us both!

She didn't want to eat much but LOVED this bean bag toss game!

Seriously wouldn't hand over the bean bags after like 10 throws lol Then they each got to paint a pumpkin!

She took it very seriously!

Her masterpiece!
We headed home and Remy went down for a nap while Rylie and I watched Halloween movies and made a cute craft.
Then after dinner it was time for costumes and trick or treating!!
THANKFULLY the rain finally stopped by now!

(A lot of my pictures are not centered because my camera needs to be serviced. The mirror has been knocked off balance inside. Boo.)

She's escaping!

So cute!

Ok lets go!
(They actually couldn't drive the police car for trick or treating like we'd planned because the battery was barely holding a charge and it was just easier to do the stroller with Remy and let Rylie walk)

Neighbor buddies!

Our girls were so good! They both said thank you to everyone and we stayed out for 2 hours! This was the first year we all trick or treated together as a family the entire time. And once we got home, I sorted out the candy I wouldn't let them have and set the full bowl of it on the porch with our light on. After baths and bed, I checked and it was empty! Yay for not having to throw away a ton of candy. I hate wasting things lol
So I'd say despite the major downpour the first half of the day, we had a very successful Halloween!

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