Sunday, November 10, 2013

Girl Scouts Disney on Ice!

Friday night we had a fun Girl Scout outting! It was our first event and first "fun patch" to earn at Disney on Ice's special "Girl Scout" night!

How cute are all these Daisies?!! SO excited to be there!

We've only had 2 meetings with the girls after meeting and they're already sweet friends!

Leaders and the girls

Rylie and Raegan as the show began

Nemo and Dori!

Belle and Beast!

Belle, Beast, and cast

"It's a small world" coming out

Breaking for intermission

Some pics with my girl to kill time

I didnt take pictures of the 2nd half because Rylie wanted to sit in my lap. She was so tired by then! But I snapped some of the finale. Rylie was SO excited to see Pocahontas AND Mulan there too!

My favorite was the Mulan part but the Lion King part was cool too!


"Bye Mickey!"

Cute matching besties after the show! We were all TIRED by the time we drove home but it was worth it and such a fun first event with our troop!

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