Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!


From our little turkeys!!

We hope you all had a great day with your families!

We sure did! We loved watching the parade!

And seeing Dorothy in it!!

And Santa!!

Mimi, Gaga, and Uncle Daniel came over too!!

Our turkey came out fantastic!

David did a good job on it!


Carving the bird!

We had turkey and stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, and mac n cheese. Everything was homemade!

Except the Kings Hawaiian rolls. YUMM!!
I also made a plain pumpkin pie and new cream cheese pecan pie. I didnt take photos of them because they looked awful, but tasted great! Just weren't pretty lol

I also wanted to show you all these cute Thanksgiving crafts Rylie made in school!

Thumbprint turkey

Handprint turkey poem

Turkey hat! Love what she said she's thankful for lol

After eating, and playing games, we all filled out our feather for the turkey! I bought this kit years ago and never used it. Just missing uncle Daniel's that I'll add later.

Especially thankful for my little family!!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Brrrr! Thanksgiving Break

We've had a very cold Thanksgiving break so far and I'm loving it!! Only thing is it's been pouring rain almost nonstop!! Kinda ready for that to be over!
This little cutiepie has been going CRAZY since Saturday with this change of schedule. Every day she says "I nee go school. I go chapel?" or "I go nastics?" I hear those about 20 times a day.

We bundled up to pickup Rylie from Mimi's. Rylie took advantage of no school to visit Mimi's work Monday. Rylie never even wore this froggy hat so I'm glad Remy actually kept it on!

Remy has also been obsessed with fireplaces! She wants the fire on ALL. THE. TIME. She says "turn fire on? Daddy touch fire. Fire hot." (we have to light it with a flicker on the actual logs so she thinks we "touch" it but knows it's hot and she cant touch it)

I surprised Rylie with new hat and gloves today! She didn't have any that fit from last year so I bought these for Christmas but with this freezing weather I had to give them to her early!

She loves them and has worn them throughout the house. Sidenote-she's really into Power Rangers lately from friends at school. There's like 8 different kinds of Power Ranger shows on Netflix so we've been playing that a lot lately.

Well, no Black Friday shopping for us this year because we're already done with our shopping! I wrapped it all yesterday and put it on top of our cabinet in the dining room. We're waiting until Friday to get our tree setup since we're hosting Thanksgiving.
Let the cooking begin tomorrow! Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Stay warm!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Official Daisy!

Thursday evening Rylie became an "official" Girl Scout Daisy with an Investiture Ceremony! If you're unfamiliar with Girl Scouts (as I really am....learning as I go here people!), typically on the 3rd meeting with the girls, you have what's called an investiture ceremony where the girls receive their Daisy pins and recite the promise by memory and get their first piece of the Daisy flower-the promise circle.

We also included the WAGGGS pin in our investiture instead of waiting until February. But we didnt want to just hand it to them or have them put it on without knowing what WAGGGS is, so we did this little activity and talked to them about what it means.

Then our "ceremony" started.....very casual! Pledge of Allegiance first then each girl stood up and said the Promise by memory.

Shook hands with a leader

And got her pins!

Officially a Daisy now!

Cutest Daisies!

Now we get to start earning the real stuff!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Remy's Turkey Feast

Remy's sweet preschool had their Thanksgiving feast on Thursday!

Only smile I could get!

And she would NOT smile for a picture with mommy!

Cute turkey she made

Food arrived!

My plate and apple pie I picked out. So good!!

Full gym!

Dessert room!

Yum! Yum! Yum!

Ladies in the kitchen with all the food! Thanks yall!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Remy and Colors

Remy's vocabulary has exploded the past few weeks! I wanted to get some on video and remember this cute little voice but she would only cooperate with telling me her colors....

I wanted to also get video of her singing ABC's and Twinkle Twinkle or any of the other songs she sings (Happy Birthday, Rock a Bye, Hello song from school.....) but she wouldn't do it once the camera came out.
Additionally, her most-common phrases are:
 "What happened, Mommy?"
"Mommy (or other name) hold you"
"Mommy (or other name of whom she's talking to) scared" (to tell us she's scared)

Friday, November 22, 2013

Thanksgiving at Gymnastics

I haven't taken photos of Remy in gymnastics in awhile so I was determined to get some Wednesday at her cute Thanksgiving class!
They warmed up with a cute game-moving the balloons with their sticks to hit the turkeys

Then they moved to 1st rotation. Remy started with walking the beam with pumpkin bean-bag on her head. She loved the beam and walked it about 5 times.

Trying to log roll with the turkey

Lifting pumpkin weights. It's actually a pretty heavy ball she's holding! Working those arm muscles!

Kicking the "turkey leg"

Then in 2nd rotation-backwards roll. Her hands are in the perfect spot!

Hopping over turkeys!

She was supposed to hop from pumpkin to pumpkin on the trampoline but she just ran across them. She LOVES running on the trampoline!

Then it was free time! She ran to the foam pit and jumped in!

Having fun!

Coming to get Mommy!

Then she climbed the ladder a few times

Arm muscles!!

Then we did the rings. She looks terrified here but I promise she wasn't! She was saying "Mommy hold you." Then she asked to do them again but it was time to go!

Waiting for stickers!
She's doing so good in her class and loves coming. I'm pretty sure she just wants to roam free in the gym all day but she's doing good learning and remembering techniques and listening better. We're on break now for 2 weeks!