Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekend FULL of Fall Fun!!!

In regards to my previous post, I have to add that things have been so crazy busy we rushed to get to our neighborhood Fall Festival Saturday and I started taking pictures right away of the CUTEST things and after over 60 pictures I realized the camera was on the wrong settings and they all came out like this......

Nothing but white.    :(

So thankfully David got video of it all so I had to pull stills from that. It's not the best resolution (because I don't think I did it correctly), but at least I have something to remember all the cuteness.

So kicking off Saturday's fun was the Fall Festival where the girls entered the costume contest!
But as we were walking up, we were able to get the funniest pictures of the girls in their costumes!

A policeman asked if we wanted a picture with his car and these are just the best pictures I've ever seen lol

Rey wasn't loving it but they're too funny to not share!

Lifting her foot to try to climb out

Cracks me up!

Contest time!! Remy's all smiles now and Rylie wouldn't smile at all. Go figure!

Sign I printed that Rylie held

Cutest things

Love their expressions in this one

And they won 2nd place!!!


Then I realized none of my pictures came out and adjusted the settings and got them by the big pumpkin just so I'd have some pictures of the girls there.

(Rylie had already lost the badge on her hat though)

We picked out our pumpkin in the "patch" and walked around the booths. We didnt get to do any of the activities-hay ride, train ride, or games. Remy jumped in a bounce house a little but it was HOT outside and late by now so we headed home.

That afternoon I took Rylie to a friend's Halloween Birthday party! She saw a lot of school friends there and had so much fun!

They played cute games and races (birthday girl is in big white dress on the right)

Mummy wrapping!

Singing to the birthday girl!

Then we headed to Party City to get new police badges and went home exhausted from all the fun!! 

Next up, Sunday's fun activities!!

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~Shelly~ said...

Oh my gosh I love those cop car pictures! Priceless!