Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sharky's Lunch & Trunk or Treat!

Sunday we discovered on our way to church we'd been BOO'D!!
We got the cutest Halloween bucket with candy, cookie cutter, straws and toys inside! It's KILLING Rylie to not know who left it! Pretty sure I know who the little ghosts were though ;-)

After church we had lunch with Mimi and Gaga to celebrate Rylie's birthday since they were out of town for it.

Remy was over the moon to see them of course!

Reading her birthday card

Cute new art supplies to use at her new desk they drove down from Maine! Cant wait to get started on the remaking project for it!

The girls both enjoyed some ice cream before heading home.

Sunday evening we went to a "trunk or treat" at Remy's preschool!

Remy learned to say "trick or treat!"

There were so many cute decorated trunks!

We saw our friends Raegan and Lauren there too!

Remy was just happy to have her lollipop so she was good the whole time!

Best trunk by far!

Rylie's friend Emerson


Cake walk!

Photo setup

Rylie and Raegan braving the haunted house!

And the big slide!

Poor little tot was so sad to not get to go on the big slide but it was CROWDED with big kids and I knew she'd get trampled. So much fun being there though and glad we could make it this year!

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