Sunday, October 6, 2013

Off to Neverland Princess Tea Party

We've had a pretty good weekend in our household.

Friday at MOPS we had a great speaker-a 7 year breast cancer survivor. It was a tear-jerker! Several of us wore pink for breast cancer awareness.

I borrowed Rylie's pink glitter headband and one of her bracelets hehe!

We'd planned on doing this cute and fun pumpkin patch place Saturday, but little tot was up at 5am with a fever and it lingered all Saturday (thankfully no fever today!)

So we all lounged in our pajamas which was great!

And in true Rylie fashion, she made Remy a "Get Well Soon" card. Sweet girl!

Today, Rylie had a special tea party to attend! Our travel agent who helped us with Disney last October hosted this super cute tea party for her clients and Rylie could invite a friend so her friend Raegan got to go with her!

We didn't even plan this, and they had the same Merida dress!

The fairy Godmother put "lipgloss" on the girls

And another helper put glitter on their cheeks

Checking out their sparkles

Photos on the red carpet!

They made bracelets to match their Merida dresses

All the princesses!

Starting "princess lessons" with the Fairy Godmother

Introducing Rylie as a certified Princess!

Reading "Princess and the Pea"

Testing out the pillows to see which one has the "pea" to tell if they're true princesses

And she is! Haha!

Rylie's friend from her preschool Emerson's mommy is the travel agent so Rylie was excited to see Emerson there!

Learning to talk with a tea cup on their head!

Beautiful table setting

Time for tea! Well, Rylie had water because I'm sure the tea wasnt decaf and we dont let her drink tea or sodas, but she ate pizza and fruit.

Then they got a super cute dessert too!

And lots of goodies before heading out!

Me and my Merida, certified princess

Such a fun afternoon!

Yall be sure to contact Amanda with Off to Neverland Travel for any Disney trips!

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Elise @ cheers yall said...

such sweet pictures!!!! what a precious, unforgettable princess party! beautiful memories. :)