Friday, October 25, 2013

How did life get so busy?

This past week has been crazy busy!

The kind of busy where I go to the grocery store late Sunday night and Monday morning my car smells awful because I left the chicken breasts in it overnight (but I didnt find it until Tuesday).

The kind of busy where I had so much to do Monday and worked nonstop until a knock on my door and my neighbor telling me the bus was here. How did 2pm get there so quickly and I forgot to walk out to get Rylie off the bus?

The kind of busy where I had a meeting Monday night and got home at 9pm but didnt remember the drive home at all.

The kind of busy where I was meeting someone Tuesday at the bank for Girl Scout stuff while scarfing down a banana because it was lunchtime then thinking I had time to kill before picking up Remy only to remember I had to first be home to get Rylie off the bus and rush back. (Yes, 2 days in a row I almost forgot the bus)

The kind of busy where Remy was late to school Thursday because I just couldn't stop snuggling with her while watching Caillou. I didnt want the still moment to end.

The kind of busy where I completely forgot I was supposed to meet up with MOPS ladies Thursday morning and thankfully squeezed a shower in because a lady texted me reminding me and I made it on time!

The kind of busy where I ironed Rylie's Girl Scout patches on her vest 5 min before her meeting last night. (And we might've already lost the insignia tab)

The kind of busy where I've working til 11pm or later almost every night on MOPS leader and Girl Scout leader things.

The kind of busy where we ran out of washcloths because I havent had time to do laundry and it's piling up around me! (dont even get me started on other housework)

The kind of busy where I forgot to be tooth fairy last night after Rylie lost her 7th tooth and she woke up crying.

The kind of busy where I finished Rylie's birthday thank you notes and put them in the mailbox, or did I? Nope, found them in my purse.

You all know the kind of busy, where it feels like you're drowning in the chaos around you no matter how hard to try to take care of everything. I'm right there with ya.

We have a fun Fall weekend ahead and I hope next week will be less crazy! Happy Friday!

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