Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Well, even though I told her she cant grow anymore, my little Rylie turned 6 on Saturday!

I snuck in while she slept Friday night....

Sweet 5 year old for the last time!

I wanted to surprise her with balloons when she woke up

And decorated her mirror!

She picked Dunkin Donuts for breakfast (my kinda girl!)

Silly sister loved it too!

And look what Rylie taught her-fingers in her ears "I cant hear you!"

Me and my birthday girl!

After breakfast we headed to the mall so Rylie could go to Build A Bear!

It was 5 years to the day that she came on her 1st birthday and made this bear at this exact store! So bear needed a new bath and outfit!

Successful trip!

Bear's new look!

We strolled the mall a little more and got some books at Barnes n Noble before coming home for lunch and naps!

That night after dinner, we gave Rylie her presents from us!

Daddy's card!

Gift from Mommy and Daddy!

Her own nutcracker!

Which really shows her the present we really got her, but it's not until December.....tickets to The Nutcracker Ballet! Tickets dont even go on sale until next week but we've planned this for awhile. She's so excited to see "real ballerinas" on stage and hear "Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy."

Plus she loves her new Nutcracker doll!

Remy's card! She worked hard on that for Rylie one day.

Opening Remy's gift!

So happy she finally got it!

A magic 8 ball! Haha! It's the main thing she's been asking for the past month!

AND Judy Moody on DVD! (Magic 8 ball is on the movie so she wanted one like Judy Moody) Way to go Remy!

Yummy cookie cake after presents! She wanted green (her new favorite color she says).

Happy 6th birthday princess! Cannot believe you're already 6 years old!!

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elise @ cheers yall said...

what sweet, fun, intentional ways to celebrate that she will always remember!!! love making family memories :)