Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ballerina Birthday Party!

I CANNOT believe Rylie turns six this Saturday! SIX! We celebrated with a cute ballerina birthday party this past Saturday with some sweet girlfriends. Thanks so much everyone who could make it! Rylie loved her party and loved seeing all her friends!

Her party invitation, made by my friend Erin. The cutest invitation ever!

Her banner, also made by my friend Erin. It turned out fabulous!

The table setup. Erin cut out the glittered ballet shoes and ballerina and I painted canvases to glue them on. They're going to hang in Rylie's room now!

Walmart cupcakes! Yep, first year I didnt make her cake. Erin made the cute cupcake wrappers!

Me and my girl before the party started

Ready to party!

Grandma came down for the long holiday weekend and celebrate Rylie's birthday with us.

Erin also made the table centerpieces!

Rylie's friend Brooklyn

Making ballerina/dance picture frames

Emerson and Abby with Rylie




Remy LOVED Allison's baby sister, Emily!

Getting started after picture frames. Remy thought she was a helper ;-)

They did a cute teacup dance first

Then a cute merry go round dance

Remy did the dance too but wouldn't stand in the circle

Then they did an obstacle course!

Next was a surprise for Rylie, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" dance! Since she's become obsessed with Wizard of Oz this past month!

Then "Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy," her favorite song in The Nutcracker

And parachute!

Her happy face just made me so happy

Loved it!

Time to sing!

She was so cute blushing and smiling 

"I get cupcake now?"


I wont post all her cute gifts because that'd be another 20 pictures, but we've been busy playing with EVERYTHING all weekend-making the fairy journal, shrinky dinks, playing barbies, set up her aquarium, watching her movie, etc.....

BUT I have to post these pictures, her last present to open was something she'd really really wanted very badly and her expression is priceless....

Dorothy "red ruby slippers!"


The costume!! (The helper's expression cracks me up too lol) She didnt take the costume off all weekend.

The favors Rylie handed out.

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