Friday, October 4, 2013

5 on Friday


Scored some great deals at the Just Between Friends presale last Friday. I also sold over half of what I took in so basically broke even with these purchases. The dollhouse was supposed to be a Christmas gift for Remy, but David couldn't keep it from her after seeing her check it out. 


A brand new Dunkin Donuts just opened 7 minutes from my house! I may have been there a few times already.....ok I've been there everyday. Their pumpkin swirl coffee is to die for along with their pumpkin spice donut and muffin. Yes, I'm going to gain 50 pounds before the holidays even begin. I should add I've also spent practically nothing since they've done free coffee promotions and huge discounts on their app.


Rylie's school picture came in yesterday. Not bad, but her smile kinda bugs me. She's a little self-conscious about her new teeth being huge next to her baby teeth and they're all different lengths right now, so she was trying to not show them. We'll give retakes a try next week, but here's what we have so far! Remy had school pictures yesterday and they said I'll be lucky to even have a proof to view. Apparently she was deathly afraid to have her picture taken and wasn't shy about showing it!


Loving these tunis from I actually dont own any tunics, but I think they look so comfy, yet stylish over capri leggings or skinny jeans for any weather. They're a big "wish" on my list right now.


Have you seen these cute Wizard of Oz happy meal toys? Rylie picked the right time to get obsessed with this movie! With the 75th Anniversary, it's been everywhere. Unfortunately, people go nuts over this kinda stuff and buy it all up right away and put on ebay for 100x the actual cost. Do those people not have a life? lol I knew I should've bought the whole set of these when I first saw them but Rylie was with me and I wanted to surprise her. Course I go today and she does see them and sadly, they were all gone. (Our neighborhood gas station is connected to a McD's so it's hard to avoid, even the drive thru has a huge picture of these toys) If you happen to find a dorothy, let me know! 


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Elise @ cheers yall said...

yay! found you on the linkup and i am thrilled to follow along now!!! love following another Jesus follower! ;)

aren't fall tunics THE BEST. seriously. with leggings?! my favorite outfit!!