Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Last Week Halloween Fun-Gymnastics & Girl Scouts

I have to back track real quick because I forgot these pictures!!

Last Wednesday Remy had a Halloween gymnastics class!
Group photo

She wore Rylie's old witch costume. They did cute Halloween activities and got Remy's favorite, suckers, at the end.

Thursday night was our first Girl Scout meeting with just the girls and the church has a new pumpkin patch so we took a group photo. Only 1 girl was missing. Excited for the year ahead with these girls!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sharky's Lunch & Trunk or Treat!

Sunday we discovered on our way to church we'd been BOO'D!!
We got the cutest Halloween bucket with candy, cookie cutter, straws and toys inside! It's KILLING Rylie to not know who left it! Pretty sure I know who the little ghosts were though ;-)

After church we had lunch with Mimi and Gaga to celebrate Rylie's birthday since they were out of town for it.

Remy was over the moon to see them of course!

Reading her birthday card

Cute new art supplies to use at her new desk they drove down from Maine! Cant wait to get started on the remaking project for it!

The girls both enjoyed some ice cream before heading home.

Sunday evening we went to a "trunk or treat" at Remy's preschool!

Remy learned to say "trick or treat!"

There were so many cute decorated trunks!

We saw our friends Raegan and Lauren there too!

Remy was just happy to have her lollipop so she was good the whole time!

Best trunk by far!

Rylie's friend Emerson


Cake walk!

Photo setup

Rylie and Raegan braving the haunted house!

And the big slide!

Poor little tot was so sad to not get to go on the big slide but it was CROWDED with big kids and I knew she'd get trampled. So much fun being there though and glad we could make it this year!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekend FULL of Fall Fun!!!

In regards to my previous post, I have to add that things have been so crazy busy we rushed to get to our neighborhood Fall Festival Saturday and I started taking pictures right away of the CUTEST things and after over 60 pictures I realized the camera was on the wrong settings and they all came out like this......

Nothing but white.    :(

So thankfully David got video of it all so I had to pull stills from that. It's not the best resolution (because I don't think I did it correctly), but at least I have something to remember all the cuteness.

So kicking off Saturday's fun was the Fall Festival where the girls entered the costume contest!
But as we were walking up, we were able to get the funniest pictures of the girls in their costumes!

A policeman asked if we wanted a picture with his car and these are just the best pictures I've ever seen lol

Rey wasn't loving it but they're too funny to not share!

Lifting her foot to try to climb out

Cracks me up!

Contest time!! Remy's all smiles now and Rylie wouldn't smile at all. Go figure!

Sign I printed that Rylie held

Cutest things

Love their expressions in this one

And they won 2nd place!!!


Then I realized none of my pictures came out and adjusted the settings and got them by the big pumpkin just so I'd have some pictures of the girls there.

(Rylie had already lost the badge on her hat though)

We picked out our pumpkin in the "patch" and walked around the booths. We didnt get to do any of the activities-hay ride, train ride, or games. Remy jumped in a bounce house a little but it was HOT outside and late by now so we headed home.

That afternoon I took Rylie to a friend's Halloween Birthday party! She saw a lot of school friends there and had so much fun!

They played cute games and races (birthday girl is in big white dress on the right)

Mummy wrapping!

Singing to the birthday girl!

Then we headed to Party City to get new police badges and went home exhausted from all the fun!! 

Next up, Sunday's fun activities!!

Friday, October 25, 2013

How did life get so busy?

This past week has been crazy busy!

The kind of busy where I go to the grocery store late Sunday night and Monday morning my car smells awful because I left the chicken breasts in it overnight (but I didnt find it until Tuesday).

The kind of busy where I had so much to do Monday and worked nonstop until a knock on my door and my neighbor telling me the bus was here. How did 2pm get there so quickly and I forgot to walk out to get Rylie off the bus?

The kind of busy where I had a meeting Monday night and got home at 9pm but didnt remember the drive home at all.

The kind of busy where I was meeting someone Tuesday at the bank for Girl Scout stuff while scarfing down a banana because it was lunchtime then thinking I had time to kill before picking up Remy only to remember I had to first be home to get Rylie off the bus and rush back. (Yes, 2 days in a row I almost forgot the bus)

The kind of busy where Remy was late to school Thursday because I just couldn't stop snuggling with her while watching Caillou. I didnt want the still moment to end.

The kind of busy where I completely forgot I was supposed to meet up with MOPS ladies Thursday morning and thankfully squeezed a shower in because a lady texted me reminding me and I made it on time!

The kind of busy where I ironed Rylie's Girl Scout patches on her vest 5 min before her meeting last night. (And we might've already lost the insignia tab)

The kind of busy where I've working til 11pm or later almost every night on MOPS leader and Girl Scout leader things.

The kind of busy where we ran out of washcloths because I havent had time to do laundry and it's piling up around me! (dont even get me started on other housework)

The kind of busy where I forgot to be tooth fairy last night after Rylie lost her 7th tooth and she woke up crying.

The kind of busy where I finished Rylie's birthday thank you notes and put them in the mailbox, or did I? Nope, found them in my purse.

You all know the kind of busy, where it feels like you're drowning in the chaos around you no matter how hard to try to take care of everything. I'm right there with ya.

We have a fun Fall weekend ahead and I hope next week will be less crazy! Happy Friday!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Well, even though I told her she cant grow anymore, my little Rylie turned 6 on Saturday!

I snuck in while she slept Friday night....

Sweet 5 year old for the last time!

I wanted to surprise her with balloons when she woke up

And decorated her mirror!

She picked Dunkin Donuts for breakfast (my kinda girl!)

Silly sister loved it too!

And look what Rylie taught her-fingers in her ears "I cant hear you!"

Me and my birthday girl!

After breakfast we headed to the mall so Rylie could go to Build A Bear!

It was 5 years to the day that she came on her 1st birthday and made this bear at this exact store! So bear needed a new bath and outfit!

Successful trip!

Bear's new look!

We strolled the mall a little more and got some books at Barnes n Noble before coming home for lunch and naps!

That night after dinner, we gave Rylie her presents from us!

Daddy's card!

Gift from Mommy and Daddy!

Her own nutcracker!

Which really shows her the present we really got her, but it's not until to The Nutcracker Ballet! Tickets dont even go on sale until next week but we've planned this for awhile. She's so excited to see "real ballerinas" on stage and hear "Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy."

Plus she loves her new Nutcracker doll!

Remy's card! She worked hard on that for Rylie one day.

Opening Remy's gift!

So happy she finally got it!

A magic 8 ball! Haha! It's the main thing she's been asking for the past month!

AND Judy Moody on DVD! (Magic 8 ball is on the movie so she wanted one like Judy Moody) Way to go Remy!

Yummy cookie cake after presents! She wanted green (her new favorite color she says).

Happy 6th birthday princess! Cannot believe you're already 6 years old!!