Friday, September 20, 2013

Rylie's Bedroom and Playroom Update

When we changed Rylie's room to a "big girl" room back in 2011, I thought that's the way it would stay for awhile. 

Her room with new big girl bed in 2011.

Unfortunately, Rylie's bedding set didnt hold up that well. So I finally got her a new one, but then it didnt match too well. There was just too much pink! So after some talking about it, Rylie decided she'd like to paint her room. So last year her and I did! (And I'm really bad and just got photos last week)

Her new room!

(apparently I havent mastered manual mode like I thought and the colors are a little off, but her walls are a very light, minty green!)

View from her bathroom door

She DID have light pink letters spelling her name above her bed, until a certain toddler climbed on her bed and knocked them all down!

And last year we also gave the girls a playroom again. We sold most of our "media room" items and moved some to other rooms in the house so they could have space to play. 

Our "media room" after we moved in 5 years ago...

Here's their playroom now....

She has room now to actually play with her dollhouse!

This armoire was in Rylie's 1st bedroom in Waco and was stored in Mimi's house after Remy was born. So glad we saved it! It holds toys in the cabinet and drawers.

Still need to get curtains eventually, but for now I like the simple look.

That picture on the chair fell down last week. It was hanging to the right of the window. I have plans to make an "artwork" hanging area above the couch and chair eventually.

Get a good look because it never looks this clean! lol Remy has started to go here and play by herself and be perfectly content, which works great since she has an empty bedroom now with just her bed!

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