Thursday, September 12, 2013

Remy's School Celebration, 2 Year Checkup, and Portraits

Tuesday Remy got to go on stage during chapel so everyone could sing Happy Birthday to her, so I stuck around and watched her in action for the first time. Oh my, the cuteness! I really wish my cell phone wasnt dead or that I had anything to videotape her with....but sadly I didnt. I did, however, take pictures!

Right when we walked in, she said "dance?" She was the cutest thing moving her arms up and down and shaking her booty!

Then she spotted me spying! And got her crown put on!

Sitting real good during the bible story!

Remy's in the center

She did so good on stage! But she looked down the entire time everyone sang to her! Goober!

I didnt bring treats for her class because they're really too little this year. I didn't do anything for Rylie at her school until her 3rd birthday so don't think Remy's getting gipped by any means!

Today was Remy's 2 year checkup! It's also exactly 2 years to the day we brought her home from the hospital! When I look at the pictures above, it really seems to have flown by!

Her stats are:
Heigh-34.25 (63%)
Weight-28 lb (68%)

Growing perfectly!

Now, here's more updates on our girl for me to remember, along with her best portraits!

  • Wearing 2T clothes and 7.5/8 shoe!
  • Goes to bed about 7:45pm and wakes up about 7:30am. Goes down for nap about 12:30pm and usually takes 2 hour nap (at home, shorter at MDO).

  • Voluntarily gives hugs and kisses now! Love it!
  • Favorite snack is goldfish. Favorite food is ketchup. lol She will eat it with a spoon! And loves "oooo juice" (orange juice) to drink.

  • Likes cars! Says "choo choo" to them lol but likes playing with them and laughed in a restaurant when nascar was on lol
  • Says "I like it." when it's something she likes.

  • Starting to cooperate for pictures......I say starting because it's not always by any means!
  • Doesnt like wearing diapers and sometimes refuses and says "go peepee potty" but she never does. She just sits on it for awhile then throws a fit when I put the diaper back on her.

  • Talking SO MUCH now! Saying 2-3 word sentences.
  • Loves watching Caillou and Doc McStuffins. Sings the song to Caillou and sings "Oh oh its play go" for Doc.
  • Starting to play by herself. She'll go into the playroom on her own and sit and play with toys for a little while.

  • Greets everyone when she sees them. "Hey Mommy! Hey Daddy! Hey Ry-die!"
  • Started coloring the past month or 2.
  • Knows the colors blue and green pretty well!

  • Starting to sing ABC song. At bedtime she always says "ABC's!" for her music player.
  • Counts to 3....then goes backwards to 1 again lol
  • Wants to feed herself everything. Says "I do!"

  • Loves talking on the phone! She pretends other things are a phone too and has conversations with herself lol
  • Doesnt cry going to church MOPS or MDO now! Says "go play" when we arrive!
  • Loves looking at books and calls them "Booky!"

  • Loves to fasten things like her empty high chair straps.
  • Loves shoes!!! If anyone's shoes are lying around, even if we're at other people's houses, she'll plop down, take hers off and put other's shoes on and say "I like it!" lol

And a comparison of Remy's and Rylie's 2 year birthday portraits!

{Yes, I'm the bad mommy who didnt bring a painted number or balloons for Remy's pictures. I honestly thought they'd be more of a distraction for Remy, so that's my excuse.}

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