Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Remy's Birthday Day

Monday morning, the girls were up SUPER early! We didnt get to wake Remy up with the traditional "Happy Birthday" song. Rylie unlocked her door and the girls woke me up in my room before my alarm went off!

So I rushed up and got them their donut breakfasts that Rylie picked up the night before.

Love this crazy smile Remy always does!

She loved the donuts!

Rylie was off to school and Remy and I played outside. We tried the new bubble machine Conway gave her for her birthday.

She loves bubbles!

It was so hot outside though! We were both sweaty messes!

After Remy's nap, Rylie came home from school and they both colored together.

Remy colored her new coloring book aunt Sarah gave her!

Then Daddy was done working and we headed out for Remy's special surprise!

Build A Bear!! She picked out the bear she wanted.

The girls wanted to hear EVERY song box! She got the Happy Birthday one just like Rylie has in her bear.

Remy did the stuffing....and was scared to death at the sound the machine made! 

Look at that cute face watching her bear get closed up!

Testing out the stuffing!

Ok, we're good!

Bear bath!

Now onto the clothes!

The workers gave her a cute birthday sticker too like Rylie had as well!

Naming her bear and paying for her!
Thanks Grandma for the giftcard!

Heading out!

So excited!

Her bear's finished look! So cute!

We ate dinner at the food court in the mall and brought home a small cookie cake.

Singing "Happy Birthday!"

She LOVED the cookie cake!
Then she opened her gifts from our family!

Her new Build A Bear and "Remy puppy" that Rylie got for her. Rylie got one on her 2nd birthday too and she still loves it and sleep with it so she wanted to get Remy her own too!

Happy little birthday girl!!!

I think it's safe to say she had a great birthday day!

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grandma said...

Glad she like the gift card and got what she wanted.