Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Remy's 1st Day of Fall MDO

This past Thursday Remy had "Cookie Lookie" {meet the teacher} at her little preschool!

Dressed in style!

We went to chapel together first. She went straight to where her class in the Summer sat! She stood and swayed to the songs and kept running to the front and getting on stage with Miss Beth. Luckily Miss Beth's used to it and had several others join her and didnt mind!

Then the kids went to their classes. Remy's moved from 1's to the older 1's so it's a new class from her Summer one. She started playing right away and loved the Teddy Grahams {her class is the Bears-how cute!}

She wouldn't take a picture with her teachers {even though she knows one of them-our former neighbor and Kindermusik friend!} But I got 2 pictures of her and I.

After all that excitement, she fell asleep in the car going to pickup Rylie!

Today was the day she started in her Bear class!!

Taking pictures this morning after Rylie was off to Kinder was quite a task!!

"Alright mom! Let's go already!"

This is what I get for trying just one more time!

Daddy helping her get her backpack on!

"Alright let's go!"

Just gotta say bye to my lovey first.....

{she seriously had a hard time leaving it at home. and yes, she has a backup one that's not the same, but works packed for naps at mdo}

"Come on, Mommy!"
{pries lovey from her hands then quickly exits the house}

Her hook for napmat and backpack in her classroom

ALL the kids were crying in the class when we got there so Remy immediately got scared and cried too. Once I showed her a (naked) baby doll, she stopped.

And I spied in the "parents hiding" section to see her going to chapel.....still carrying the naked baby doll! (see her in the center picture with baby doll in her right hand? hehe)

But none of the kids were crying so Remy was fine. I watched her for 1 song in chapel and she sat in her chair and rocked back and forth "dancing" to the songs.

Her teachers posted this picture earlier. She actually napped a little!

SO excited her classes have started now! It's like I'm a whole new person! LOL Actually this week I'm crazy busy getting ready for MOPS to start on Friday and then Remy's birthday party at our house Saturday! Cant believe she turns 2 in less. than. a week.

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