Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Gymnastics and Bus!

This morning Remy tried out her first gymnastics class!!! I thought she wouldn't be ready until around 3 years old and that we'd do another year of Kindermusik first, but we've heard such great things about this particular gymnastics program, I decided to give it a try!

Luckily I saved Rylie's leotard from her try at gymnastics! Remy was styled and ready to go!

So at first, she was pretty nervous. There was only 1 other girl there today so the gym was almost empty. I did the class with her, so I didnt get many pictures. By halfway through it, she had warmed up and stopped crying.

Loved swinging on the bar (surprise, surprise!) and did great walking all the different beams by herself.

LOVED the free play at the end when they played music! She wanted to dance! 

Her favorite thing was jumping on the trampoline (just like her big sister!) Even though she cried the first half of the class (while still doing the activities) I think she really enjoyed being there today. We decided to sign up for the class and will start in 2 weeks (she has 2 year checkup next week). So excited to do this new adventure with her!!

And Rylie had a big first today that she's excited to tell everyone about!

Riding the school bus home!!!

Big smiles getting off the bus with her neighbor buddy! She said it was "totally cool" and "super fun." So we might be doing this every afternoon now? This is the "kindergarten only" bus so I feel pretty comfortable with her riding it. And they check my driver license when they drop her off so they wont just let her out with anybody. And the school is so close to our house, it's not a long drive at all. It was great today not having to push Remy's nap back until after picking up Rylie! 

Our new routine is starting to fit into place!

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