Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fall Crafts

I dont know what it is about Fall, an extremely busy time of the year getting started in the holiday season, but I apparently like to add to my busy-ness with crafts!

The Lettered Cottage is hosting Fall Crafts today, so I'm going to share my favorites from the past few years starting with a wreath I made last month!

Seriously $7. Twig wreath from Michaels was $5 and each clip on flower was $1. Easy peasy! I also bought a big M to put on later but I want to paint it first. So $11 with the M.

Last year I helped Rylie make this beautiful artwork. 

It's still one of my favorites. I think I'll frame it for the mantle this year.

These are my favorite Fall crafts Rylie's made at school the past few years.

Glove filled with beans then painted like a turkey, paper plate turkey, beads on pipe cleaners and twisted to look like corn.

Two years ago, I made these turkey shirts for the girls. 

It's pretty easy for the most part. I just measured the turkeys to be too big in my opinion. It's just brown fabric cut out for turkey body, ironed on with wonder under (buy at craft stores), on top of ribbon loops I just hot glued on (come on, I had a newborn at this time! I didnt have time to sew lol), then I hot glued the eye balls and I cant remember how I glued the turkey nose....fabric glue maybe? I just put these together quickly one day and they only wore them for Thanksgiving.

Three years ago I made this dress for Rylie.

It was my first real sewing project! It's far from perfect, but I loved how it turned out. It should fit Remy this Fall so I'm debating a skirt to match for Rylie with a matching pumpkin on a shirt?

And four years ago I made this turkey shirt for Rylie.

This one is SUPER easy! Just cut out turkey body shape and feather shapes from whatever fabric you want and iron it all on layer by layer with wonder under. I hadn't put the eyes on yet in this photo but you can hot glue those on as well. You can always sew along the border after to really keep the fabric on the shirt.

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