Friday, September 13, 2013


Rylie and I started a whole new chapter together this week....

Girl Scout Daisies!!

Her buddy Raegan signed up too! They each made bracelets while the Mommies did registration. Their 1st girl scout craft lol AND I signed up to be a troop leader! So did Raegan's mom! So we'll both lead the same troop and our girls will be together. It'll be fun leading it with another mom friend! I was so excited Tuesday night after registration, I came home and got all over Pinterest looking for ideas and watched Troop Beverly Hills! Ha! I'm so excited to relive my Girl Scout days with Rylie! 

And yes, we'll be selling cookies!

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grandma said...

That is one way to make sure you get Girl Scout Cookies!!!! Hope Rylie has as much fun as you did.