Friday, September 27, 2013

5 on Friday

It's Friday!!! Can I get an amen??!!
Here's my 5 on Friday linking up with The Good Life.
Remy started gymnastics on Wednesday! She looked so cute in her leotard her uncle Daniel gave her for her birthday. {Notice Rylie's ponytail holders on her wrists? She thinks they're bracelets and is obsessed with them!}

Not sure if you can tell, but she's hanging on this bar like that-not touching the ground.

"Swimming" across the foam block pit!

She was a NATURAL! So excited for this new experience with her!

I've spent the past few weeks getting all this ready for the Just Between Friends sale in our area! LOTS of work went into this: 84 tags were priced, printed, and pinned, countless rubberbands and hangers and safety pins and stabbings from safety pins lol I hope it all sells! I dropped it off last night and get to shop the presale with friends today!

My next projects are Rylie's birthday party supplies! My friend Erin started her own business with her might machine silhouette and makes INCREDIBLE things! She has made Rylie's birthday banner, cupcake wrappers, table centerpieces and decor, and the invitations for her party and they're seriously amazing! So excited to see it all put together and I'll post photos when they are.
My girls were styling this week at school! Rylie picked her outfit Tuesday-yellow shirt, lavender sweater, dark purple leggings, black shoes. And she was 100% set on her decision, so even though the ocd part of me cringed a little, I couldn't rain on her confidence parade and off to school she went with a smile! Remy successfully kept pigtails all day at preschool Tuesday!


My girls arent normal sleepers :)



Sarah said...

The gymnastics pictures are adorable! It takes me down memory lane when I used to do it at about that age!

EMonaghan said...

I can't wait to see everything for the party put together. I know you're gonna make it look awesome!