Sunday, August 11, 2013

Wit's End

Wit's End
Definition: the limit of one's mental resources, utterly at a loss

This could definitely be my state right now. I feel like I've exhausted just about every solution possibility with no success, so I'm just going to reach out to the blogging world and see if anyone has another suggestion from a different point of view. We'll try just about anything right now.

She's not ready for a toddler/big girl bed. 
It's just not safe yet with her exploring personality for her to have free roam. 
She hasnt been napping this week. 
It's taking her hours to fall asleep at night and then she's up early in the morning roaming the house before we're awake. 
She's climbing out the side rails of her bed so turning the crib around to face the wall hasn't helped. 
The mattress is already lowered as low as it will go. 
We thought of putting it on the ground in her crib but there's dangers of her getting a limb stuck under the crib between the mattress.
 The crib tents that go on top have been recalled and are very dangerous. 
We've tried the "super nanny" approach with putting her back in her crib every time she gets out without saying a word to her or making eye contact. 
It took me sitting outside her  bedroom door for an hour and a half and 
she still wasnt staying in her bed. 
And poor Rylie hasnt gotten much attention from us lately because we're so 
busy keeping Remy out of things. 
There's only so much baby-proofing I can do and she still finds things to get into that are not safe.
 I thought of putting locks on her bedroom doors to keep her at least in her room but she still isnt sleeping, which is what we need. 
She's always been a good napper and sleeper, but right now she's
 becoming hard to deal with and very cranky.
 I've tried patting her back in her crib but I dont want her to get used to me having to put her to sleep.
She always goes down with a full belly.
We've tried exhausting her to where she'd surely crash but nope, she fights it still.
We added more blackout curtains behind her regular ones to make it really dark in her room.
She's always slept with lullaby music to sleep.
We tip toe around the house so she doesnt hear a peep from us.
We even tried orajel in case her 2 yr molars were coming in.
She's not sick and doesnt have ear infections.

I dont know what else to do!

Additionally, she wont keep her diaper on. Everytime she barely pees in it (or sometimes even when it's still dry), she rips it off. We've tried numerous varieties of outfits on her-onesies, onesies backwards, bloomers, pants, shorts, button up one piece to keep her from getting the diaper off and they havent worked. We even tried taping it and she just ripped the tape off. So almost every morning we takes her diaper off and pees in her bed. She has refused to sit on the little potty even with bribes and rewards so she's not ready for potty-training yet (and neither are we!)

So basically I spend every waking second chasing her around, wrestling to put her (clean) diaper back on (or new diaper), and then spending hours begging and pleading her to stay in bed and nap/sleep.

I'm probably so lost in the mess of all this that I'm not seeing a very 
obvious solution right in front of me???

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