Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Rylie's day 2 and Remy's 2 year pictures and toddler bed

I took Remy to get her 2 year old pictures taken yesterday morning.  I'd planned on just doing their little package with 1 basic picture, but after fighting with her for over an hour to smile, we got 3-4 great shots and I didnt want to lose the other cute ones like this.......

calling Mimi during her shoot to try to make her smile! It helped! She calmed down and I ended up buying the CD of all 56 pictures!

Rylie had a great 2nd day of Kindergarten! Daddy wanted to take her yesterday morning. She had more fun knowing what to expect now.

Love this cute picture she brought home and that she wrote "to Remy" on it.

Last night we made a spur of the moment change in Remy's room!!

Toddler bed!!

And with that came practically emptying her room! We got some great new door locks called the "Door Monkey" so she cant get to her closet or bathroom or out of her room. We turned off the water to her bathroom sink, emptied everything. So basically she has nothing to mess with or do in her room except lay down and sleep!

Checking out her new digs!

She wasnt interested in laying down at first

Until Rylie layed down!!

Finally she was all tucked in!

Until 10 min later we checked on her and she'd reached the wipes and diapers. Those have now been removed!!

She tried getting up once and tried opening her door. I just told her on the monitor to get back in bed and she did then went to sleep! She was up at 6am though just boohooing in her bed for no reason. We brought her down and she was CRANKY!! So about 830 or 9 I made her lay back in her bed for more rest. She tried getting all the doors open the realized she couldn't and layed down on the floor. Then she moved to the bed and took a little nap. She was one happy girl when she got up!! Hopefully this is a good start!!

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~Shelly~ said...

Aw I cant wait to see those pictures! And congrats on night 1 of big girl bed! Whoohoo!! I think P will be the same way.. wild & crazy ;)