Monday, August 26, 2013

Rylie's 1st Day of Kindergarten!

My big girl started Kindergarten today!!!
I've had so much anxiety over this and been so emotional leading up to it and surprisingly I've been so calm today. I haven't even cried, which I'm kinda worried about. LOL

Rylie had a great day.....a little awkward not knowing any kids in her class or what to do at her 1st day. She said "it was such a long day!" She got mixed up with her lunchbox and snack bag (lunch is at 1015!) and then left her lunchbox at school so I had to go back and get it, but other than that, she had a great day and I'm sure tomorrow will be even better!

Here's her photos of her first day of Kindergarten!

All ready the night before!

Lunch and snack

Ready to go with a little nerves!

Getting to her class!

Settling in!

Car-rider line at pickup (in the rain)

Rylie's 1st days of school through the years....(click to make bigger)


Malinda said...

I cannot believe our girls are both old enough for kindergarten. I love all the pictures of Rylie on her first day. That shirt is so cute. I can't wait to read about all her adventures.

grandma said...

Rylie looks like you had a great day! Can't wait to hear all about it.

~Shelly~ said...

Makes me want to cry all over again!

EMonaghan said...

What a big girl! I can believe the last pic (of all the years). The first two don't even look like her!