Thursday, August 22, 2013

Last Week of Summer & Dance Returns

 We've had a full-packed week! And unfortunately I've had full-blown allergies.....again.

Monday our friends from Ft Worth were here on business so we met up at the splash pad!

Rylie was so excited to see Owen and Ethan. And Remy was excited to see "wawer." LOL

Owen's grown a whole foot since April, I swear.

Then we all had lunch with more friends at Chipotle! It was our first time and we liked it!
Rylie, Ethan, Owen, Gabriella

Remy and Gabriella's little brother William on their little lunch date

Tuesday Raegan and Lauren came to play for 7 hours!!

We did everything! We colored, did stamps, watched 2 movies, played in playroom, did barbies, did doll house, watched 2 movies, played outside (for like 10 min-it was HOT!), ate lunch, and Remy got a small nap in. I tried to keep them busy!

My allergies were way worse on Tues so I napped after the girls went home. Rylie made me these "flowers" and said they're "get well flowers." She cut out flower-shaped papers and put them on green pipe cleaners all on her own! Best flowers I've ever received!!

Yesterday Rylie returned to dance class with new ballet shoes, new leotards, and new tights!
She was excited to be back!!

AND so excited her friend Kate's in her class! 
This picture cracks me up....notice Rylie's standing on her tiptoes? Kate's grown so much since we saw her in June!! Both these girls start Kindergarten Monday at different schools so I'm glad they'll still see each other at dance every week.

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