Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Last Day of MDO, Bowling, Snow Cones

We might not need to change Remy's bed afterall. We've just been consistent with keeping her in her crib and she has actually stopped climbing out! Thank heavens!!

***And....I jinxed myself! She wouldn't stay in bed last night and even woke me up early this morning by coming downstairs and banging on my head lol

Yesterday was Remy's last day in Summer MDO. She starts Tue/Thur in September at the same place.

Dropping her off!

She napped so good this day. She's done so well adjusting to MDO and loves going to "cool!"

Rylie and I had one last "big girl day" while Remy was in school.

So we went bowling! Kids bowl free all Summer long and after Kate's party she couldn't wait to bowl again!

Digging our kicks? hehe

Well, we started good!

She loved dancing to all the songs between turns.

Crazy girl. The place was almost empty! I was surprised since it was $2 game $2 shoes day.

Game one over.

Rylie took this picture ;-)

Final score!

We had so much fun, I think we might come back with Remy before Summer ends!

We grabbed Snow Cones after bowling down the street.

Polynesian Pineapple and Cherry! We were both still full from breakfast.

Then we hit up the library before Remy got out where Rylie got 2 more prizes for the reading program, 6 more books to read, and found a Madeline DVD she's never seen before. Score!

Now that bible study, MDO, and VBS's are all done.....what are we going to do until school starts?? We still have dentist appointments next week and Rylie has a few appointments for Kindergarten registration (meet the teacher, a screening, etc) coming up. Then school starts back. Summer has seriously flown by this year.

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