Thursday, August 1, 2013

Joss and Main Dream Office

Remember how I mentioned last week my ear was hurting so bad and the Dr said I had fluid in both and infections? Well, I'm finishing my 10 day antibiotics tomorrow and it still hurts and my Dr is out until next Tuesday! Boo! It hurt so bad last night and this morning. I didnt get much sleep and missed my last Bible Study meeting today. I've been taking it easy today and while Remy napped and Rylie colored next to me, I browsed this site I just discovered.....

Have yall heard of Joss & Main? It's basically like Zulily or Living Social but it's only for home furniture and decor. And their prices are very good! I immediately started drooling over some items for a home office and created a story board for it. We have no intentions of ever changing our office, but it's fun to sometimes dream, right?

Our office when we moved in 5 years ago.....

And my dream office from Joss & Main!

Wouldn't this look great with the wood floors? And obviously the desk would face the chair. And in this dream office, it would be MY workspace where I'd have a work-at-home job creating the latest, greatest advertising in Photoshop and Web Design and make a ton of money.
It is a dream right?? Hehe!

The bookshelf, desk, lamp, chair, rug, file cabinet, and mirror are all on Joss & Main right now.

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