Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Family Reunion & Friends in Ft Worth

This past Saturday we left early in the morning to drive to Burleson, Texas for my family reunion! We havent made it in 3 years because I was really pregnant with Remy 2 years ago and last year Rylie got sick the morning we were going to leave. So very excited to make it this year!

It was a new location and very nice! I didnt even take many pictures of anything other than the girls swimming.

David and Remy with my cousin Adam and his boy Sam

Rylie was very glad there was a pool there!

And Remy tried out a new floaty in the kiddie pool!

The girls were having a great time and I was just taking pics (not in a swimsuit because I was about to go back in while David swam with them) and suddenly Remy jumped into the water like this....

Didnt even realize I'd taken a picture right when she jumped in until I uploaded these. She landed on her belly and was face down in the water, thrashing and unable to stand up. So I jumped in (the 1ft deep water) with clothes and shoes and camera in hand, grabbed her floaty vest and pulled her out so fast. Scared me half to death. After that she kept saying "no more wawer." Yeah....not using that floaty thing again!

My aunt got this family picture of us.

It was great seeing everyone again after 3 years of missing out. My Aunt Sharon who passed away in 2004 made everyone a family genealogy report dating back to the 1800's. But it hasnt been updated in 22 years (to the day exactly!) so I was busy getting family updates from everyone there. I think I've almost got it complete so hopefully I'll have it ready for everyone next year!

We headed up to Ft Worth area in time for dinner at our friends Erin and Eric's house! They were so kind to have us stay with them and even grilled yummy hot dogs and hamburgers!

I was a bad mommy and forgot Remster's jammies so she borrowed some of Caidens.

Remy and Caleb in their jammies Sunday morning. I'm not used to Remy not being the youngest! Apparently these 2 could really get into some trouble together ;-)

Caiden and Rylie playing trains. Rylie was so serious about building the "Brooklyn bridge." No idea how she knows what that is!

Caiden and Caleb brother hugs!

And Remy joined in too!

The boys have this little trampoline and the girls loved it! (Notice Remy's wearing Caiden's shoes. Girl cant get enough of trying on every shoe she sees!)

Cracks me up! Rylie wanted a picture of her jump!

Rylie showed Caiden her leap pad.

Arent they the cutest?!!!

We made the drive home Sunday and of course the girls didnt nap, but did fall asleep 5 minutes from home :)

Thank you so much again Erin and Eric for having us! It was so good to get some visit time with yall for more than an hour and not have to rush off!


EMonaghan said...

You got some great pics! Gonna have to steal them! So glad to see you guys too! I can't believe the girls didn't sleep not he way home! Caiden said he wanted to take a nap about 15 min after you left (about 2 hours earlier than usual) and slept for close to 2 hours!

grandma said...

Love the picture of Rylie jumping, she looks like she stuck to the wall!
Cute picture of the girls sleeping in the car.