Monday, August 5, 2013

Escape Artist, All Cutesy, and Haircuts!

Friday night we were putting Remy to bed and she decided she was done with the crib! Here's some cute video of our little escape artist.....

So I guess we wont be keeping her room the way it is until she's 3. :( We're making the change to....something! Not sure if we'll do toddler bed or just skip to full bed. But I've got more baby proofing to do, either way!

Saturday we took both girls to get some haircuts!

Rylie dressed (and accessorized herself) and said she wanted to look "all cutesy." She kept putting lipgloss on and acted so grown up. Remy looked so cute in a Rylie hand-me-down too.

Remy was up first! She really needed her hair evened out more. She was getting a mullet again.

She did GREAT! Listened so good. Not one tear. So proud of my big girl!

Her hair's so short now!

Ta-da! Cutest lil bob I've ever seen!

Rylie got a tiny trim as well.

Remy enjoyed her lollipop after haircut.

We went to Mimi's after haircuts and the girls got to enjoy their little pool there.

Goofball! They had so much fun!

Such a great Saturday and another thing crossed off the list to-do before school starts!

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grandma said...

Guess it will be a while before another pony tail for Remy! Love the new lil bob she got. Rylie looks gorgeous too>