Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cell Phone Weekend and Dentist Pictures

Not too much going on in our house (aside from getting Remy to sleep and keep her clothes on!)

We found these one piece pajamas with zippers that are footless and go up to sz 3 at Childrens Place! David picked up 2 on Sunday and they were only $6.50 each with tax-free weekend and coupon! So Remy's been sleeping in these backwards to keep her diaper on!

I got a lot of response on my last post on FB and we have a lot of things to decide on and try out this week. So far we're making progress so we'll see how it goes the rest of the week.

I took Rylie to our local library Saturday. It was the last day of the reading program they started in June. She's hit the "50 books read" mark and got a medal! She was so excited! She's been doing so great reading more and more on her own. We're going to keep going until school starts even though the program ended!

Rylie drew this on her leap pad a few days ago and sang the opening song to "The Lion King." I was so amazed, mostly because she hasnt seen that movie in years! I'm in constant awe at her drawings/artwork everyday.

I took both girls to the dentist Monday. Rylie got x-rays for the first time and was pretty nervous about it, but did great!

Getting her teeth cleaned! No cavities, yay! Remy got her first "checkup" too. I wouldn't say a full checkup though because all she did was scream bloody murder while she sat in my lap and the dentist barely got her teeth brushed lol But she has a chip on her tooth (anyone surprised by our climber chipping a tooth?? ha) and the dentist said it's no big deal and she looked great! One more thing crossed off our list before school starts in less than 2 weeks!!! 

Rylie also had her Kindergarten screening at the elementary school yesterday and they said she did great. We get to meet her teacher next week!

And Remy turns 2 in less than a month! Her cute birthday party dress arrived and looks perfect and I just made her invites this weekend. Cant believe it's creeping up so fast!

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