Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Rylie's day 2 and Remy's 2 year pictures and toddler bed

I took Remy to get her 2 year old pictures taken yesterday morning.  I'd planned on just doing their little package with 1 basic picture, but after fighting with her for over an hour to smile, we got 3-4 great shots and I didnt want to lose the other cute ones like this.......

calling Mimi during her shoot to try to make her smile! It helped! She calmed down and I ended up buying the CD of all 56 pictures!

Rylie had a great 2nd day of Kindergarten! Daddy wanted to take her yesterday morning. She had more fun knowing what to expect now.

Love this cute picture she brought home and that she wrote "to Remy" on it.

Last night we made a spur of the moment change in Remy's room!!

Toddler bed!!

And with that came practically emptying her room! We got some great new door locks called the "Door Monkey" so she cant get to her closet or bathroom or out of her room. We turned off the water to her bathroom sink, emptied everything. So basically she has nothing to mess with or do in her room except lay down and sleep!

Checking out her new digs!

She wasnt interested in laying down at first

Until Rylie layed down!!

Finally she was all tucked in!

Until 10 min later we checked on her and she'd reached the wipes and diapers. Those have now been removed!!

She tried getting up once and tried opening her door. I just told her on the monitor to get back in bed and she did then went to sleep! She was up at 6am though just boohooing in her bed for no reason. We brought her down and she was CRANKY!! So about 830 or 9 I made her lay back in her bed for more rest. She tried getting all the doors open the realized she couldn't and layed down on the floor. Then she moved to the bed and took a little nap. She was one happy girl when she got up!! Hopefully this is a good start!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Rylie's 1st Day of Kindergarten!

My big girl started Kindergarten today!!!
I've had so much anxiety over this and been so emotional leading up to it and surprisingly I've been so calm today. I haven't even cried, which I'm kinda worried about. LOL

Rylie had a great day.....a little awkward not knowing any kids in her class or what to do at her 1st day. She said "it was such a long day!" She got mixed up with her lunchbox and snack bag (lunch is at 1015!) and then left her lunchbox at school so I had to go back and get it, but other than that, she had a great day and I'm sure tomorrow will be even better!

Here's her photos of her first day of Kindergarten!

All ready the night before!

Lunch and snack

Ready to go with a little nerves!

Getting to her class!

Settling in!

Car-rider line at pickup (in the rain)

Rylie's 1st days of school through the years....(click to make bigger)

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Our NOT Bummer Summer!

I cant believe yesterday was my last weekday, at home with both my girls, before school starts! Our last weekday to go by our own schedule and plan whatever we wanted. When I became a SAHM almost six years ago, it felt so weird to be home during the week and not at work. It felt so weird to not have to be somewhere at a certain time, and while we've somewhat had those days with preschool, it hasn't been something truly enforced the way public school will be. Our world is about to change in a big way!

Our Summer's come to an end and I just cant help but look back and think this was the best Summer I've ever had since becoming a Mommy. Maybe I cherished it more knowing Rylie was about to start Kindergarten, I dont know. To quote Rylie's new obsession, "Judy Moody" it was definitely NOT a bummer summer!

This is our recap of all the fun we did!

{Rylie read 56 books this Summer and got a medal for the reading program.}

{Remy did 1 day a week and loved it.}

{Rylie did 3 VBS's at various churches, all with different themes}

{We shopped for school supplies, clothes, and did Kinder registration and screening}

{We had a wonderful week in Maine with Mimi and Gaga}

{Rylie and I had some big-girl days while Remy was in MDO}

{I spent 2-3 days a week at the church for mops leadership and bible study}

{We had so much fun with all our friends!}

Thursday Rylie had "meet the teacher" and we're excited with who she got. Seems like a good fit so far. She saw her classroom she'll be in and her desk she'll sit at. We also bought a few cute school supplies to keep at home for "homework" time and the book "The Night Before Kindergarten."

Yesterday for our last day of Summer break I took the girls swimming.....for the first time. lol It was a lot of fun and I'm glad we got to fit it in. The girls soaked up every last bit of Summer fun there!

Monday will be here very soon whether we're ready or not!!
{I think we're ready we'll ever be!}

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Last Week of Summer & Dance Returns

 We've had a full-packed week! And unfortunately I've had full-blown allergies.....again.

Monday our friends from Ft Worth were here on business so we met up at the splash pad!

Rylie was so excited to see Owen and Ethan. And Remy was excited to see "wawer." LOL

Owen's grown a whole foot since April, I swear.

Then we all had lunch with more friends at Chipotle! It was our first time and we liked it!
Rylie, Ethan, Owen, Gabriella

Remy and Gabriella's little brother William on their little lunch date

Tuesday Raegan and Lauren came to play for 7 hours!!

We did everything! We colored, did stamps, watched 2 movies, played in playroom, did barbies, did doll house, watched 2 movies, played outside (for like 10 min-it was HOT!), ate lunch, and Remy got a small nap in. I tried to keep them busy!

My allergies were way worse on Tues so I napped after the girls went home. Rylie made me these "flowers" and said they're "get well flowers." She cut out flower-shaped papers and put them on green pipe cleaners all on her own! Best flowers I've ever received!!

Yesterday Rylie returned to dance class with new ballet shoes, new leotards, and new tights!
She was excited to be back!!

AND so excited her friend Kate's in her class! 
This picture cracks me up....notice Rylie's standing on her tiptoes? Kate's grown so much since we saw her in June!! Both these girls start Kindergarten Monday at different schools so I'm glad they'll still see each other at dance every week.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Family Reunion & Friends in Ft Worth

This past Saturday we left early in the morning to drive to Burleson, Texas for my family reunion! We havent made it in 3 years because I was really pregnant with Remy 2 years ago and last year Rylie got sick the morning we were going to leave. So very excited to make it this year!

It was a new location and very nice! I didnt even take many pictures of anything other than the girls swimming.

David and Remy with my cousin Adam and his boy Sam

Rylie was very glad there was a pool there!

And Remy tried out a new floaty in the kiddie pool!

The girls were having a great time and I was just taking pics (not in a swimsuit because I was about to go back in while David swam with them) and suddenly Remy jumped into the water like this....

Didnt even realize I'd taken a picture right when she jumped in until I uploaded these. She landed on her belly and was face down in the water, thrashing and unable to stand up. So I jumped in (the 1ft deep water) with clothes and shoes and camera in hand, grabbed her floaty vest and pulled her out so fast. Scared me half to death. After that she kept saying "no more wawer." Yeah....not using that floaty thing again!

My aunt got this family picture of us.

It was great seeing everyone again after 3 years of missing out. My Aunt Sharon who passed away in 2004 made everyone a family genealogy report dating back to the 1800's. But it hasnt been updated in 22 years (to the day exactly!) so I was busy getting family updates from everyone there. I think I've almost got it complete so hopefully I'll have it ready for everyone next year!

We headed up to Ft Worth area in time for dinner at our friends Erin and Eric's house! They were so kind to have us stay with them and even grilled yummy hot dogs and hamburgers!

I was a bad mommy and forgot Remster's jammies so she borrowed some of Caidens.

Remy and Caleb in their jammies Sunday morning. I'm not used to Remy not being the youngest! Apparently these 2 could really get into some trouble together ;-)

Caiden and Rylie playing trains. Rylie was so serious about building the "Brooklyn bridge." No idea how she knows what that is!

Caiden and Caleb brother hugs!

And Remy joined in too!

The boys have this little trampoline and the girls loved it! (Notice Remy's wearing Caiden's shoes. Girl cant get enough of trying on every shoe she sees!)

Cracks me up! Rylie wanted a picture of her jump!

Rylie showed Caiden her leap pad.

Arent they the cutest?!!!

We made the drive home Sunday and of course the girls didnt nap, but did fall asleep 5 minutes from home :)

Thank you so much again Erin and Eric for having us! It was so good to get some visit time with yall for more than an hour and not have to rush off!