Saturday, July 27, 2013

Week of VBS #3, Goodbye to Kendall, and Visit Carter & Sophie

I feel like I've been going nonstop this past week!

Last Saturday I took Rylie school supply shopping!

Her school offers a "buy the supply pack" from them to avoid getting each item yourself, but it's her first time to go school supply shopping so we couldn't pass it up! Kind of a bummer though that none of these will actually be "hers." It's all community and had to be this brand, this color, this size. No individuality like I had as a kid.

Sunday I took the girls to church myself while David worked. They were dressed so cute and these are now Remy's favorite little shoes! She's never worn flip flops before! 

Sunday afternoon I started having severe ear pain that drops wouldn't help. So I went to the Dr on Monday and he said I have fluid in both ears and they're infected. =/

Monday Rylie also started VBS #3! This theme was Kingdom Rock! It was a very small one at our new local church. Remy had fun playing at home and loves putting Mommy's necklaces on!

She also loves getting into Mommy's other things!

Remind you of someone else who used to do that?
(Rylie Jan 2009)

After VBS Monday Raegan came home with us and played for awhile. I can picture this same scene with these 2 when they're teenagers. So cute!

Tuesday Remy walked right into MDO without crying for the first time. She just held a baby doll and was just fine! Rylie and I went to lunch with Kendall and her Mommy after VBS since we had 2 hours til Remy got out. It was our last lunch date here with them. :(

Wednesday Rylie got up and "made" us all breakfast! Cheerios for her and I (without spilling milk everywhere!), yogurt, banana, and cheerios in the shape of a smiley face for Remy on her tray. Water for me, and milk for her and Remy. So sweet! David took her to VBS because my ears were still killing me! They were giving me vertigo too and dizzy spells. Not fun!

Thursday we just did VBS and I had a dinner "baby sprinkle" for a MOPS friend who's expecting her 2nd daughter next month, but I forgot to take any pictures!

Friday was a sad morning for Rylie.

I took her down the street to Kendalls house to say goodbye (for now, but not forever)

Sweet hugs!

These girls look so grown up! Sweet friends!

And I have to take a little walk down memory lane....
Almost 4 years ago to the day!
(dont you love how they switched from big bows to glittery headbands? hehe!)

Almost 5 years ago to the day! (one of their first kindermusik classes, where we met them)

Moving truck arrived and it was time for us to go

Bye Kendall!!    :(

Luckily I planned some fun things after saying bye to Kendall to cheer Rylie up. We drove out to Katy to visit our friends Carter, Sophie, and their new baby sister Emorie!

Rylie and Carter are such big girls now! They're so cute playing "teacher" together.

Remy and Sophie

They actually cooperated for a picture!

I didnt get pictures of the newborn, who's only 3 weeks old! She was TINY! So glad we made it out to meet her and catch up with them! Then we met up with Mimi at the outlet mall for some serious back-to-school clothes shopping for miss Rylie! It was very successful to say the least!

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