Monday, July 1, 2013

Week of VBS #2 and more...

Rylie did VBS #2 last week where she graduated preschool and the theme was "Everywhere Fun Fair!"

She was glad 3 of her preschool buddies and 1 neighbor friend were in her class! They did 1 color and 1 country each day.

Orange and Japan

Red and Zimbabwe

Blue and United Kingdom/London

Wed night someone got in trouble with some paint!

Thankfully, an hour later it was all cleaned up!

Wednesday night I had a fun girls night out with some MOPS ladies!

But that night Remy had a fever and was sick all Thursday. I stayed home from bible study and Rylie missed VBS (she begged to stay home and help Remy!)

Thursday night I took her to the VBS carnival though!

Green and Mexico

It was such a fun VBS and less chaotic week. I have to add, she's been saying the sweetest prayers at night that she learned in VBS. They go something like this "Oh heavenly father.....we just love you.....we just want to take your words and hide them in our hearts....Amen."

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