Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Remy's Room Updated

I like taking photos as we update rooms in our home. I love looking back at how things have changed as we've grown here.

When I was pregnant with Remy, this was how we had her room set up.

Then I ended up changing a few things right before she arrived and I never photographed them. I even rearranged the furniture after she was born and the crib was on the left wall for awhile......then I rearranged it all again!

It just never felt right....until now.

Remy's room now!

I found the peach-colored rug that matched her bedding perfectly at Home Goods right before Remy was born.

A recent addition was these blackout panels from Pottery Barn. Really helps at naptime when the sun comes directly in this window! So we no longer use the matching valance right now.

Love this picture above her crib.
(Honestly, I only put it up for this photo. I'm terrified with Remy's climbing obsession that she'll knock this on top of her and the frame is heavy! So picture stays in her closet until I can get it bolted into the wall and assured nothing can bring it down.)

 Love the colors in her bedding!
I put the bumpers in for the photo-they dont stay in anymore either.

Rocking chair's been up here since Remy started sleeping in her room at 2 months old. Matching pillow to her bedding came from Home Goods when I was pregnant.

Left wall from entering

Shelf and frames above rocker. I love her birth announcement so much and it matches her room so I framed it.

Wont be long and we'll take the changing pad off the dresser!
(I hope!)

Shelves above dresser

Wall on right of entering goes to her side of jack and jill bathroom shared with Rylie.

Remy's sink area
(Door with robe hanging goes to shared toilet/shower also connected to Rylie's side)

View from rocking chair
(Door to the left of the crib is her huge closet)

Love her sweet room. Hopefully it'll stay this way for awhile! We have no intentions of taking her out of the crib until she's at least 3. We'll see how that goes!

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~Shelly~ said...

I like it!! Its set up exactly the way Presley's is :) I like the curtains, makes it seem so cozy!