Friday, July 12, 2013

Moose and Lobstah Visit - Part 2

Saturday was another big hit! We went to Gray to visit the nearest Zoo or Wildlife Park as they called it.

We finally got to see a moose!!

Girls with the moose behind them

(Yall just excuse how I look this day-I really didnt feel good)
But I was so excited to finally see a moose!

I'm not kidding, I could've sat there all day staring at him. It was so cute!

Some other odd animals we saw.....

albino racoon 

chipmunks were running everywhere around us

all white peacock

and a baby moose at the end!! how cute is he?!

Bought Remy a souvenir Moose and she loves it. Fell asleep on the way home holding it.

Sunday we headed to the beach!

Remy (who didnt like it last year, stood here biting her nail thinking if she liked it this year)

They looked so cute in their patriotic swimsuits

Remy did love the beach this year!

Rylie's "sandcastle/lighthouse"

We had a great time at the beach and that night David and I went on a dinner date.

Our view from dinner in Wiscasset

Yummy haddock, cheddar potatoes, green beans

We walked around some shops and had some really good Round Top ice cream then headed back.

Monday morning we had breakfast by the lighthouse then attempted some pictures.

I believe this was the first time Rylie got to touch the lighthouse?

AND it was her first time to go up inside it!! Picture from one of the windows looking out.

Inside the top of it!

She was so excited to be up there!

Her and the lightbulb in the center

Then Rylie and I walked down the rocks to get some more pictures

Tuesday morning we headed to the airport for our long trek home.

Saying goodbye to her awesome school desk I bought off Craigslist in Maine. They sell these in horrible condition for over $100 in Houston but I found a guy down the road from their house in Maine selling this for $20, great condition. So we picked it up while there and David's mom and Craig will drive it home in October for us. Cant wait to paint it for Rylie's room!

We had an "ok" trip back home Tuesday. Remy was not being an easy traveler this time. We only managed to lose her Minnie Mouse thermos cup that I loved so much and am very sad to have lost, but thankfully that was all we managed to lose in the 1.5 hr drive, 1 hr flight, 3 hr layover, and another 3 hr flight to get home! The girls slept until 9am yesterday ;-)

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EMonaghan said...

Glad I'm not the only one that takes pictures of my food ;) BtW love your hat!