Thursday, July 11, 2013

Moose and Lobstah Visit - Part 1

We spent a week in Maine again over the 4th with David's mom and Craig. I'm only going to split it into 2 posts this time. I didnt take near as many photos as I normally do because a lot of it would've been repeats. We did some fun, new things this trip though that I did document with hundreds of pictures hehe It was hotter than usual and I was battling a sinus infection the entire week and it was definitely more difficult traveling with Remy at this age, but overall we had a great time up north! I know the girls did too and Rylie's already asking to go back.

We arrived Wednesday evening

Rylie went straight to color at the desk in her room before dinner.

Thursday, 4th of July! Our patriotic family...

and patriotic girls.

We went to see the fireworks in Damariscotta and a little storm blew over us. We took shelter in the car until it passed, then this beautiful rainbow came out.

View from our seats into Damariscotta....fog rolling in

Fireworks show was great!

Someone wasnt too into it though!

And seconds later, conked out (literally seconds after screaming, just fell asleep!)

Smiley face (upside down)

It was great, we loved it!

Friday swinging in the morning

Then we walked to the library

They were doing a puppet show that morning

It was.....interesting. Ok, I'll just say it, it was awful! lol We have it on video if you dont believe me. But whatever, the kids liked it.

Then we headed to Boothbay Harbor!

First stop was the Maine State Aquarium

Loved this two-colored lobster!

Look at this monster lobster! My hand's there for comparison.

LOVED this area you could touch/hold sea creatures! Rylie's holding a sea cucumber here.

And a starfish

And saying hi to a lobster.

My blue lobster buddy!!!

I was SO excited to see a blue lobster and get to hold it! Love them! They're so rare and neat!

View of Boothbay Harbor

Then we took the girls to the Botanical Gardens nearby

It was Fairy Friday! They got to dressup... books...

....make a fairy wand...

....color pictures...

....and see fairy houses all over!

We walked around the beautiful area

The girls could run all over

Cooling off! 

Rylie made her own fairy house back to Mimi's that afternoon

Her fairy house her and Gaga put together.

Dinner at the Lobster Pound that night

Kinda weird holding live lobsters that morning then eating one that night lol but dinner was great!


Grandma said...

Sorry you had a sinus problems during your trip. Looks like you had lots of fun anyway!!!!

EMonaghan said...

Looks so pretty there! And nice things to do with kids!

TwoFourFive said...

These pictures are beautiful! I've never been that far north. It really makes me want to go!