Friday, July 19, 2013

Back to School Prep

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Since back to school is just around the corner, and my Rylie's starting Kindergarten sooner than I'd like, it's on my mind a lot right now. 

So I thought I'd share some of my favorite back to school items that are a must-have in our house!

Love these Ziploc containers because it's only 1 lid for Rylie to open, thus saving time and hoping she'll actually finish her lunch in the allotted time frame. Anyone else's kid take an hour to eat lunch?? No? Just mine?  The divided compartments are spill-proof between each other, which is great because my girl loves her cucumbers and ranch to dip them in! These are kinda large, so I bought these first then made sure we got a lunchbox big enough for them.

Love Lisa's blog (link above). She give great advice on packing school lunches that are healthy and not so boring. She uses the same ziploc containers and I love how she added the silicone cupcake liners for additional organization. I found ours cheap at our local Home Goods and they come in different sizes too!

Love these thermos drink containers. They're spill-proof (when the lid is closed) and they maintain coldness for 12 hours! I have several for Rylie already and even found a smaller version for Remy at BabiesRUs. Downside-they're kinda costy, the images scrape off if you wash it in the dishwasher, and they do leak if the lid's not closed. I only pack water in them though so we havent had an issue.

I want to try their soup container too so Rylie can bring warm foods in her lunch!

*FYI-Toys R Us is having a buy 1 get 1 free sale on these Funtainers starting today!
Check your local store for participation.

I've been wanting these for awhile and just finally ordered some this week. They're awesome. They have clothing labels so when your child leaves their coat at school, they'll know who it belongs to without having to permanently write their name inside of it (which I hate to do because we pass things down). The labels are washer/dryer safe. They also have versions that you can iron on. I also ordered the sticky labels for their lunch containers and thermoses that are dishwasher safe. The set came with shoe labels too so Rylie's dance shoes wont get mixed up with someone else's in class and 2 small bag tags for any bags that aren't embroidered with their names. I got the Ultimate Back to School Combo pack and saved a lot! And lucky for me, both my girls names start with an R so I just ordered the labels to have R. McCrary so I can use them for both girls because they come in big quantities!
* They're also running a sale that ends July 31 on certain packs.
Plus get additional 10% off with code MOPS10.

And thanks to Walmart, and their low prices, I'll be doing a one-stop shop for all Rylie's school supplies this weekend! Next weekend we're hitting up the outlet mall for back to school clothes and our girl will be all set!

How is this Summer going by so quickly??!!!

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grandma said...

It's going by quickly because this is Rylie's last summer before she becomes a "school kid". Just enjoy the time you have with her, it will pass very quickly!