Tuesday, July 9, 2013

2 Months Til 2 Years Old

Today Remy is 22 months old!!
Here are some updates I want to remember about our growing girl.....
  • Wearing 2T/24 mos clothes
  • Wearing size 7-7.5 sz shoes
  • Wearing sz 4 diaper. Only using a handful a day now.
  • Chipped her front, left tooth not too long ago =(
  • Loves to drink water, a lot more than milk
  • Busy, busy girl! Into anything and everything.
  • Still a great eater.
  • Doesnt like her hands dirty. Says "ew" then wipes them off.
  • Talking so much!
  • Associates possession with items, picks up something and says who it belongs to then brings it to them on her own.
  • Has no reaction to the word "NO" at all. Stinker! She just smiles this little grin and keeps on.
  • Loves trying on everyone's shoes.
  • Hates sitting still and having pictures taken.
  • Tries to get into cars on her own, hangs on door handles.
  • Knows the cow says "moo" (only animal shes got down right now)
  • Cries when someone walks outside without her (at any house were at)
  • Having a hard time pushing back naps so far this Summer. She used to go down in the morning about 1030 or 11 and eat a late lunch. We're trying to keep her up until 1230 to nap after lunch. It's been hard on her.
That's all I can think of right now! Cant believe she's almost 2!


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