Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer Break: Week 1

Last week was our first full week on Summer Break! And we didnt do hardly a thing and loved it! Hehe!

We did have some windows tinted one day. SOOOO GLAD!!

This guy made me so nervous doing these ones! It was NOT easy keeping Remy out of his way all day either. She tried to "help" him a few times.

But she looked adorable in this outfit. I bought this shirt when I was pregnant with her for pennies at Baby Gap and she's finally wearing it! Love!

Yay for tinted windows and a cooler house!

It became obvious we needed to get out when I started making their lunches into butterflies. Yep, Mommy needs to get out!

So Friday we hit up the library for the first time!

We tried an infant class because it was the only one going on this day. Remy was clearly older than the other kids but she loved it!

Rylie showing off her toes we painted that morning. (She's really into that Judy Moody movie on Netflix and wanted her nails painted like hers)

Both girls loved the bubbles of course!

And some reading time at the end.

Both girls did really well. We checked out a couple books, couple VHS's (that's right! they still exist! Had to dust off the ol vcr!) and we'll definitely be regulars at the library this Summer!

Rylie's Friday night was the highlight of her week. We found a mood ring in Claire's! Just like the one on Judy Moody like she wanted. She kills me......keeps looking at it asking "what mood am I in?" lol

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