Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Remy Started MDO!

Remy started MDO last Tues, June 11!!

It wasnt easy getting pictures before we left, but I got a few cute ones.

Sneaked a picture of her eating breakfast 

Her lunch I packed-half of a turkey/cheese sandwich, goldfish crackers, apple slices and cantaloupe.

Rylie was my big helper!

Walking her baby sister into her school....the same school Rylie just graduated from last month.

Love these

Ok, so we get to the hallway outside Remy's class and Remy suddenly realizes what's going on, quickly rips her backpack off her back, turns around and bolts down the hall in huge, dramatic sobs.
It. Was. Hysterical.
She was making a break for it!

So I carried her into her class crying, she takes a look around, then stops crying. She got down and just walked around checking things out and was perfectly fine!

Thinking of the trouble she could get into, I'm sure!

She loved the rocking chairs!

(picture through viewing window)

Then Rylie and I hid in the back of chapel. See Remy in the middle??!!

Sneaking over to see her better

Why yes, I was stalker mom with my extra zoom camera lens :)

Oops, I think she saw me! hehe

She did great! She sat so still the whole time and just listened to it all.

Her teachers posted these pictures later-Remy's on the left trying to hand the kid beside her the lid to her lunch

And snacktime!

They said she even napped for about 25 min but she did great! She didnt want to leave when I picked her up!!

I gotta say, it was sooo surreal dropping Remy off and Rylie leaving with me. I just had an emotional "goodbye" at this school last month when Rylie graduated, now I'm starting over. But it's completely different because it's the "baby" building--with napmats and no carline. Feels like another life! I almost forgot to pack diapers because I wasnt used to having to with school! But so far Remy loves it and I feel so much better now that her first day went so well!

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