Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Random Summer Fun

Aside from Remy starting MDO, here's what else we've been up to the past week or so.

Friday, June 7 the girls just looked so cute dolled up

Stealing sister's bracelet

Rylie spent the night at Mimi's and finally lost her 5th tooth! It'd been hanging forever! So toothfairy stopped by Mimi's house that night!

Remy looked so cute Sat June 8

Sun June 9 I had a FUN lunch with some neighbor ladies to celebrate 2 of them having birthdays. It stormed outside the whole time I think and we seriously sat and talked after lunch for 4 hours!! Loved it!

Tues June 11-while Remy was at her 1st day in MDO, Rylie and I watched "Judy Moody" (again) and I finally sorted through Rylie's artwork box! Every single craft/picture/drawing she's done since she started doing them (age 2)!!

Sorted out ones that were trash, keeping ones with hand/foot prints, and took pictures of the other cute ones we love to make her an artwork book.

Then I took her to the library before picking up Remy. She's doing this reading program and finished level 1 (reading 10 books) and got a certificate and picked a new book to keep for free! We love Amelia Bedelia!

She was reading a book in the library and suddenly she said "Mommy, my tooth came out!" Tooth #6 on the bottom left!

This is video of Remy when she gets excited everytime Full House theme song comes on. Watch her at the end-hilarious!
Wed June 12

Last Thur (June 13) I started a bible study with my MOPS ladies. I was trying to get a picture of the girls in their dresses.

Best I could get. (Remy's eyes reflected my cell phone flash) I tell ya, it's WORK getting a picture these days!

That night Remy sat trying to dismantle the stairs gate while I cooked dinner. She kept saying "uh-oh-is-ok" real fast lol

And this face is why she gets away with things. Cutest lil stinker!

Here's video of Remy that night. She's started holding her hand to her face like it's a phone and she also tried climbing the stair gate!

Last Fri (June 14) we finally ventured to the Kingwood library! Remy checked out some computer games

She thought she was such big stuff =)

We came home with a load of books to keep us occupied awhile!

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